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Top USA Doctors allows patients to find the top medical doctors in the country in any field of medicine.  How do we determine whether a doctor is a "Top" Doctor?  We don't use "peer reviews" which only tell us which doctors have the most doctor friends.  We use a patient review system.  In essence patients tell other patients which medical doctors they believe are the best based on their experience.  We allow patients to share their opinions about all kinds of doctors, including dentists and surgeons.  The purpose of this site is to develop a meaningful way for patients to be informed. 

All information on this site is for the benefit of patients and is free for patients.  Further, all website users maintain full control over their ratings and comments.  If you change your mind about a medical doctor or if the doctor becomes better or worse, then you can modify your rating.  Please note that in order to have full control over your content and your doctor ratings, you must be registered and logged in at the time you enter your rating.  Register for a free TopUSADoctors.com account here.  Likewise, if you would like to add a Medical Doctor to our database, you must be registered and logged in.  Registered users are presented with a "Add Doctor" tab located in the main menu.


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